The industry’s most talented and acclaimed designers, planners, and artists - Eclectique decors’ interior, lighting, theatrical design and visualization services all come together to deliver quality and innovative revenue producing facilities for our clients.

An interior design firm specializing in the multi-disciplinary facets of house graphic design, planning, Space management, design and colour psychology, theater design, 3D design and lighting - Eclectique designs and decor embraces all aspects of the design project from project viability, revenue projections, site location, thematic considerations, conceptual design, programming and supporting the clients marketing efforts.

We believe extraordinary design is timeless. The resulting work is world renowned, remarkable and memorable.

Established in August 2014 by Bukola, Eclectique designs and decor has positioned itself as the leading touchstone in the interior design industry.

 We create branding, communication and memorable experiences for global brands and retailers and family homes.

 Early in the business, we set the goal of creating exceptional interiors. We recognized that the design side of the business needed to be matched by strong project management and a solid financial backbone. We set our sights on providing unmatched customer service.